WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS. Be in our catalog and get cool stuff!

MICROTECH fans we want YOU to send us photos…

We are looking for lifestyle photos of you and  your Microtech knives for our 2016/17 catalog, and website. We are looking for these different categories-


-Sportman:  Do you take your MTK knife with you when you hunt, fish, hike, boat, kayak? Do hunt bear just with your knife? Do you make spears with your knife to hurl at pery? We wanna see it. Seriously, all those awesome outdoors shots you have with your knife being one with nature.


-Tactical: are you in the Armed Forces, Police, EMT ?  First we salut you. Second, Do you like to photo with your knife and regalia? We would love to see them.


-Collector : Do you have a collection Of Microtech/Marfione custom knives displayed that make all you friends jealous. Send them!


-Everyday carry : are you the type that MIGHT accidentally leave your kid at the store but NEVER Forget your Microtech? Do make a mundane tasks exciting by using you’re ridiculously amazing Microtech knife? Send it on over.


If your photo is chosen you’ll get Photo credit (if you want it), a printed catalog and other from the MTK grab bag and maybe some other surprise perks.

We’re looking for thoughtful photos here, so don’t just get your curison to snap photos of you looking fierce with your knife.

Nothing obsence of course. And please no Blood or taxidermy (yes we know its an art and give you respect for your life like renderings)

Send photos to:


Send them by April 23th.

We will notifiy you by April 30, if your photo is in.