Resolution: Lanham Act Violations


In December 2015, a former Microtech employee, Tim Flynn, had boasted on a Facebook page dedicated to Microtech and Marfione Custom Knives that he was selling and servicing Microtech knives using components he obtained from 6 years of “dumpster diving”.  Additionally he made some unfounded comments about Tony Marfione and Microtech Knives.


Microtech and Marfione Custom Knives promptly filed legal proceedings intended to stop this fraudulent commerce and protect our customers from spurious products. That lawsuit has been concluded with a court order which directs that:

  1. Flynn must permanently refrain from promoting in any way his capacity or availability to service Microtech or Marfione Customs knives.
  2. Flynn must permanently refrain from publishing in any medium or posting online any comments about Microtech, Marfione Customs, and /or the owners and officers thereof.
  3. Flynn must permanently refrain from engaging in any commerce involving knives produced by Microtech or Marfione Customs.

We will continue to safeguard, preserve, and defend the integrity of our brands.  We thank those who responded with evidence of Flynn’s wrongdoing.

Your Support:

The input we receive from you the consumer and user of Microtech and Marfione Custom Knives is greatly appreciated.  We encourage the knife community to come forward with reports of suspicious offers and commerce involving our knives.  Our contact form is a convenient way to report potential infringements and help us maintain the integrity of our knives.