Most Popular Microtech of 2015

122-1: Ultratech DE Black Standard


The results are in, and once again the Ultratech ® is our most popular knife in 2015. The Ultratech® is available in a wide array of colors with several different blade styles, but it was our double-edged model with a black handle and standard black blade (SKU 122-1) which outsold all other varations. By now, we think it’s safe to call the Ultratech® a classic. But what really sets this knife apart from others?


Ultratech® carrier/avid fisherman Rick from Tennessee writes, “The construction of the Microtech is outstanding, the feel and security is superb, the automatic mechanism pops with authority and the lifetime warranty is fantastic. I asked where Microtech knives are made and when I was told North Carolina that sealed the deal.”


Here at Microtech, we pour our heart and soul in to each and every knife we build. Not only is our Ultratech® handmade, it is personally assembled by one of our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. No detail goes unnoticed. We examine everything when we’re putting together an Ultratech® , even the type of sound it makes upon deployment.


Some even consider the Ultratech® a collector’s item, given its uncommon quality, and we are honored to know this. Nevertheless, our knives are meant to be used. We manufacture the Ultratech® with people like Rick in mind. When Rick is out battling the elements and catching fish, his Ultratech® will expertly handle any snag or tangle with the utmost speed and safety.


Unlike other classics, though, the Ultratech® isn’t frozen in time. Even after years of successful engineering, we still find ways to update and improve upon previous models. Some of these enhancements are easy to identify. The new tri-grip handle pattern, for instance, allows for an even lighter feel and steadier grasp. Other updates we make, however, might amount to only the smallest modification to an internal component. Regardless, all the work and planning that go in to an Ultratech® eventually add up to a knife that simply feels right. It’s difficult to fully appreciate the Ultratech®’s craftsmanship though, until you’ve physically held one in your hand. Only after you’ve fired an Ultratech®, felt the strong, precise “SNAP” as the blade deploys and then surveyed the knife’s perfect balance can you begin to understand why it continues to top the charts as our most popular knife.