Sheer Class

I LOVE LOVE Microtech Knives. They are the best in more ways then one. I have been collecting for a few years…You are first rate in quality, workmanship, innovativeness and durability. Sheer class! Douglas A.

Flawless Performance

MicroTech knives truly are the best knife I’ve even owned. I was issued a SOCOM elite when I served as a USAF PJ. After multiple deployments the knife performed flawlessly. Years later I accidentally lost the knife in a horse corral on my family’s farm. The knife sat exposed to the elements for over a year. My father finally found it and with a few drops of oil it was more

Masterfully Made

I like all of your knife models, especially the out-the-front automatic knives you produce. I would be extremely happy to own any one of them. Then I could say I have the best knife on the planet. Please don’t ever stop making the wonderful products that you do… Johnny FuQua

Strong and Sharp

Having owned my knife over 12 years I have come to rely on its solid construction and perfect performance. And it’s sharp! Jason Miller

INCREDIBLE – Absolutely Awesome!

I work in security and my life is on the line everyday. I can’t play around with my life which is why I chose Microtech. Paul Hamilton

Superior Manufacturer

I just received my knife. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you and the staff at MicroTech for an outstanding turn around time and great care to fix my knife. With a lot of knife manufacturers out there, there is no doubt in my mind that MicroTech is by far the most superior manufacturer. When I show off my knife to other law enforcement members, they think more

Dependable and Reliable

Working in extreme conditions its important to my knife perform without question. For over 15 years I have relied on my Microtech Knife and wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible product. Ralph Jones

Microtech Knives are the BEST!

After owning several knives I can say 100% that Microtech Worldwide makes the best knife in the world. Jeff Jacobs

LE/MIL Sales

  Inquiries about individual or department wide law enforcement and military sales should be directed to (   For more information, please visit our Law Enforcement and Military Sales page.

Gastonia Sniper Conference

We are happy to announce that Microtech will be a sponsor for the 2014 Gastonia Sniper Conference. We are honored to help give back to the military and law enforcement professionals who put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Good luck to those competing, and as always, stay safe. What is the Gastonia Sniper Conference? The Gastonia Police Department more