return authorization

Please do not mail your product to us until you receive your RA number. This must be included in the package or it may delay repair time or cause your product to be lost in transition. Thank you for your cooperation.

Regarding Automatics…

If you are ACTIVE military/law enforcement, or currently reside in a state where automatic knives are LEGAL, we can ship your knife back to you directly.

If you live in a state where automatic knives are ILLEGAL, you must contact one of our authorized dealers and make arrangements for us to return the product that dealer. We will not assign RA numbers to dealers or individuals in states where it is illegal for us to ship automatic knives. Please reference the AKTI website to gain access to the most up-to-date knife laws for your state.

Regarding Counterfeits…

Microtech occasionally receives counterfeit knives for warranty repairs. We do not repair or service counterfeit knives. If received, these knives will be destroyed and we will refund any shipping fees associated with the RA in this situation.

Please fill out the form completely in order to receive an RA number. Fields with (*) are required.
Thank you!

Return Authorization Form

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