Superior Manufacturer

I just received my knife. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you and the staff at MicroTech for an outstanding turn around time and great care to fix my knife. With a lot of knife manufacturers out there, there is no doubt in my mind that MicroTech is by far the most superior manufacturer. When I show off my knife to other law enforcement members, they think I am crazy for spending the amount of money I spent on a Microtech. The proof is in the quality along with the rock solid guarantee MicroTech offers. To send my knife to be repaired, only to get it back, not only fixed, but sharpened, shows the attention to detail and MicroTech’s commitment to produce top notch knives. You have a customer for life!!! I will still show off my knife and put it up against any other knife out there and know that I have the BEST!

Peter C.