MSAR Announces The Release Of The STG-E4

MSAR Announces Release of the STG-E4

The E-4’s improved features provide functional reliability from this high-end rifle.
Bradford, Pennsylvania— June 1, 2012 — With the launching of it’s new website and Microtech’s 2012-2013 product line, MSAR announced the immediate availability of the STG-E4. The semi-automatic rifle has been re-engineered, creating a whole new standard for MSAR products. With 3 different lengths of removable, quick-change barrels, plus the added option of a specialized AAC® 300 Blackout® barrel, and the availability of additional Picatinny rail mounts, the E4 offers increased opportunities for user customization. Despite several available barrel sizes (16.5”, 18.5”, 20”), the overall length of the E4 is shorter in comparison to its competitors; the receiver group and barrel are pushed further back into the stock, creating a gun that can have a long barrel, but still be a manageable length. The non-reciprocating charging handle is also a high-demand feature.
Along with the design improvements, the re-launch of the STG-E4 also comes with a high attention to customer service, and increased parts availability. With a new customer-driven approach, MSAR is committed to manufacturing a high quality product throughout the evolution of growth and change. Founder Anthony Marfione believes that customer experience is built each time a connection is made between the customer and company; the team at MSAR is working diligently to provide structured service and consistent quantities of inventory to better serve its constituents. We’ve been given an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to a high standard of excellence, and our team works daily to live up to this standard.
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