blade options

Edge Style

S/E: Our single edge blades have one cutting edge. The top remains unsharpened.

T/E: Tanto blades were traditionally used to puncture objects, and feature a high point with a flat grind for increased tip strength.

D/E: Our double edge blades feature two symmetrical cutting edges and a central blood groove

SPARTAN: This double tanto point is designed to make an impact.

D/E-S: The D/E-S modification is present in limited models, and features two asymmetrical cutting edges. It’s reminiscent of a drop-point style blade, but with two sharp sides.


Standard: Blades marked standard have no serrations.

Partial: On a partially serrated S/E or T/E blade, the serrations cover the lower portion of the blade, but leave a significant portion of the cutting edge plain.  On a D/E blade, the partial serration is mirrored on both cutting edges.

Full:  Full-serrated blades are only available in T/E or D/E models.   With a T/E model, the serration runs the length of the blade to the start of the tanto point.   D/E models have serrations the full length of one side of the blade, with a plain edge on the opposite side.


Black: Our black blades are created with a military-grade protective coating designed to be impact and solvent resistant.

Black Tactical: Black Tactical designation simply means a knife with a black blade also has black hardware.   Colored handles with black blades always come with black hardware.

Black DLC: DLC refers to diamond-like-carbon coatings that are extremely wear-resistant because of low-friction, high-hardness properties. Black DLC blades have a dull shine when compared to the traditional matte black blades.  This blade style has limited availability.

Satin: Satin finish blades have a distinct sheen, designed to attract attention.

Bead Blast: Blades with a bead blast finish are non-reflective, but more susceptible to corrosion due to a greater exposed surface area.

Stonewash: Stonewash blades hide scratches and blemishes well.

Apocalyptic: We took Stonewash to a new level in 2014, with the introduction of the Apocalyptic blade finish. Designed for ultra-durability this matte finish is a darker version of stonewash with a distinct pattern.
*please note that specified blade steel and finishes for each knife can change depending on availability