Microtech Socom Collectors



Calling all Microtech collectors – we are looking for photos of any Socom series manual action knives dated prior to 2008.  Please send images to socom@microtechknives before 10:00AM on Tuesday, May 31.  The best photo will win a Bounty Hunter Ultratech.

We are also in search of vintage 1997-2000 samples of the following production models, with packaging if available, to display at Blade Show:
Socom D/A
Socom M/A
Mini Socom M/A
Mini Socom Elite M/A
Those interested should hand deliver their knife to our booth before 12:30PM on Friday, June 3. If you are unable to access the show floor prior to 12:30PM, please contact socom@microtechknives.com to make arrangements. The first 30 customers to deliver pieces on Friday in Atlanta will receive a schwag bag that includes a free Show Special Ultratech.
All knives taken in will be for display purpose only.  Product will be tagged and displayed in a locked case throughout Blade Show.  Knives must be picked up on Sunday before 1:00PM, and will only be returned to the tag holder.

T-Bot Release

Introducing the latest A. Marfione | D.C Munroe collaboration – a tactical impact device called the T-Bot. Pictured above as a production model (6AL-4V titanium w/ Apocalyptic finish), we’re also releasing a few custom versions in copper. Designed as a striking implement, control device, and bottle opener, this non-intimidating piece is 100% legal to carry everywhere.


A. Marfione D.C. Munroe T-Bot

A. Marfione D.C. Munroe T-Bot

Microtech to Add UPC Codes

Microtech Knives is excited to announce we have acquired a GS1 Company Prefix, assigned Global Trade Item Numbers to all of our products, and are in the process of integrating Universal Product Codes (UPC) into all of our retail packaging.  This will enable our dealer network to better identify and manage product inventory.

This new solution will be fully implemented in the coming weeks.  We look forward to the improved services this allows us to provide for our product distribution network.

Questions regarding this new project should be directed to marketing@microtechknives.com.

Anthony Marfione Joins AKTI Board of Regents

Microtech Knives is honored by the recent invitation to sit as a Regent on the AKTI Board. AKTI is a proactive, credible, and approachable organization supported by a group of rational, well-motivated individuals. AKTI’s mission strongly aligns with Microtech’s desire to further the advancement of an industry that has given so much to the company over the years. Together, with AKTI, Microtech is driven to support and strengthen the knife community, as well as build a future for the next generation of makers and consumers.

AKTI understands that the knife industry is a multi-faceted, all-encompassing market that includes a community of consumers, collectors, purveyors, manufacturers, and legislators, all with slightly different perspectives. Despite varying perceptions, knives are a fundamental tool, and should be promoted as such to reduce unfair stigma. As a leading domestic manufacturer of knives, including automatics, Microtech fully supports this concept, as well as the notion that production stimulates the economy.

The team at Microtech is guided by a mission to deliver quality products and remain innovative. We look forward to working AKTI to promote an unhindered future and thriving community. Our aim is to offer a vital contribution to the success of the organization and its mission.


Microtech, a proud member of AKTI


To consumers and members of the knife community:

MICROTECH knives are proudly U.S. made with the finest available materials. Almost all the components are machined from quality materials at our facility in Bradford, PA. Those components are transferred to Asheville, NC where MICROTECH knives are then skillfully hand-assembled and finished.

Each part of a MICROTECH knife is specially engineered and produced for the specific purpose it serves. We carefully craft our own springs, screws, and other small parts. This enables MICROTECH to maintain extremely close tolerances, and an unprecedented level of quality.

The result of our efforts is extraordinary quality as well as dependable knives, which are instantly recognizable. MICROTECH knives are, accordingly, highly desired by persons who value the best available knife. This incentivizes counterfeiters. It is the same reason why sought-after items like Rolex watches and designer handbags are widely counterfeited.

Unfortunately, persons exist who are willing to perpetrate a fraud by using the MICROTECH name along with our other registered Trademarks. Invariably, they offer knives made with inferior materials and low-quality parts. The fit and finish of these knives is sloppy and lacking quality. The components are not purposed for integrated function. The blade does not have, and will not hold, a keen and serviceable cutting edge. The knife will quickly fail. The counterfeiter has no reason to build a serviceable — much less a high-quality — knife. The counterfeiter’s name is not on the knife and he is going to disavow the knife when it fails. The goal of the counterfeiter is superficial imitation that will merely deceive a purchaser.

Many sources, especially internet-based, offer MICROTECH “clones”. Do not be misled. It is a misuse of the word “clone” in an attempt to soften the fraud. In this context, clone is a euphemism for counterfeit. Again, no quality, no performance.

Microtech Knives, Inc. has not licensed any entity to use its trademarks, designs, or other intellectual property. Those involved in the importation and commerce, of counterfeit knives, are violating the law enacted to protect you, the consumer, and MICROTECH.

We suggest a modicum of due diligence before you buy a Microtech knife. Hopefully, you are on this website before you exchanged good money for an unworthy knife. Examine the MICROTECH website and catalog. Determine whether you are dealing with a reputable seller, or an imposter.

Be very skeptical of knives sold:

  • On such sites as DHgate.com; ioffer.com; aliexpress.com
  • At flea markets, swap meets, and other such casual situations
  • By street vendors – – in the US and abroad
  • By “online stores” that have no identity beyond a web address
  • At prices which are a small fraction of the MICROTECH MSRP
  • Under circumstances too good to be true



To counterfeiters and those who engage in the commerce of counterfeit MICROTECH products:

Microtech Knives, Inc. is committed to fighting counterfeiters and those who seek to mislead as to source, quality, approval, and other aspects. We will find you. We will bring the law to bear upon you. Litigation will be vigorously pursued.

MSAR Announces The Release Of The STG-E4

MSAR Announces Release of the STG-E4

The E-4’s improved features provide functional reliability from this high-end rifle.
Bradford, Pennsylvania— June 1, 2012 — With the launching of it’s new website and Microtech’s 2012-2013 product line, MSAR announced the immediate availability of the STG-E4. The semi-automatic rifle has been re-engineered, creating a whole new standard for MSAR products. With 3 different lengths of removable, quick-change barrels, plus the added option of a specialized AAC® 300 Blackout® barrel, and the availability of additional Picatinny rail mounts, the E4 offers increased opportunities for user customization. Despite several available barrel sizes (16.5”, 18.5”, 20”), the overall length of the E4 is shorter in comparison to its competitors; the receiver group and barrel are pushed further back into the stock, creating a gun that can have a long barrel, but still be a manageable length. The non-reciprocating charging handle is also a high-demand feature.
Along with the design improvements, the re-launch of the STG-E4 also comes with a high attention to customer service, and increased parts availability. With a new customer-driven approach, MSAR is committed to manufacturing a high quality product throughout the evolution of growth and change. Founder Anthony Marfione believes that customer experience is built each time a connection is made between the customer and company; the team at MSAR is working diligently to provide structured service and consistent quantities of inventory to better serve its constituents. We’ve been given an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to a high standard of excellence, and our team works daily to live up to this standard.
Please visit http://msarinc.com for more information and continued updates.

Microtech Honored At The 2013 Blade Show

Microtech would like to thank everyone for the immense outpouring of support. We were fortunate enough to come home with two awards from the 2013 Blade Show. The Microtech DOC, a collaboration with Mick Strider, was selected as Collaboration of the Year, while the auto version of the knife, the DOC Killswitch, earned Most Innovative American Design for its unique rotary safety.
The DOC Killswitch, which has only been released as a custom prototype, will hit production in the coming months. Production on the manual version of the DOC continues daily as we are working to get this knife into the hands of our dealers.

20th Anniversary Coffee Table Books

The much anticipated wait is over! Limited quantities of the first edition of Microtech’s 20th Anniversary commemorative coffee table book are now available.


Microtech Knives: 20 Years of American Made Innovation presents a broad spectrum of Anthony Marfione’s work in a single volume for the first time. Each serialized book is designed to tell the story of Microtech Knives and Marfione Custom Knives, highlighting hundreds of pieces in the library, along with behind-the-scenes photos of the Microtech facilities, and entertaining candids from over the years. Image captions provide enlightening information on the story behind the subject of the photo.


MSRP: $150.00 + s/h. If you’re interested in placing an order, please contact Laurel (lscafidi@microtechknives.com). Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and shipping/billing address in the e-mail. A member of the Microtech team will be in touch to confirm order details and finalize payment.


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