AKTI Increases Lobbying Efforts…

Microtech is pleased to share news from one of our industry partners, American Knife and Tool Institute.   It is our hope that these efforts will help our industry continue to thrive for years to come.

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American Knife & Tool Institute Increases Lobbying Efforts to Ensure Protection of Lawful Knife Owners

Organization to Focus on Federal and State Efforts Including the Knife Owners’ Protection Act, Repeal of Restrictions on Auto-Open Knives, and Preemption

Las Vegas, NV – January 19, 2016 – The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) today announced its plans to increase its lobbying efforts in order to prompt reform of knife laws in 2016.

To accomplish this reform, AKTI has brought on ADS Ventures, a Boston, MA and Washington, DC-based government and public affairs firm with a practice specializing in defense and national security issues. The team, headed by Liesl Grebenstein and supported by Savannah Kelleher, has been working with AKTI for several years, but the new contract will enhance efforts focused on federal efforts to pass the Knife Owners’ Protection Act (KOPA), and state efforts to ease restrictions on auto-open knives, as well as preemption. The legislative reform agenda will ensure the protection of knife owners’ Constitutional rights.

“AKTI has an aggressive legislative reform agenda in 2016,” said CJ Buck, AKTI’s Board President. “We are confident that through AKTI’s leadership, and the work of ADS Ventures, it will be a successful year for the organization as we further our mission to ensure your right to own, carry, and use knives and edged tools.”

For nearly 20 years, AKTI has served as the go-to resource for knife owners looking to ensure that they comply with all local, state, and federal laws related to knives. One of the biggest complaints and points of confusion AKTI hears about from lawful knife owners involves the patchwork laws related to the ownership and possession of knives. While citizens are making every effort to comply with patchwork state and local laws, it has become clear that there is the need for comprehensive reform.

“AKTI and its members have been successful in clarifying and correcting poorly conceived and ambiguous legislation and educating legislators on knife issues on behalf of all knife owners,” said David Fee, AKTI’s Legislative Chair. “We support reasonable, responsible legislation and measured non-partisan efforts to resolve issues.  We’re excited to see how we can further this objective in this and coming years.”

More about AKTI
The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is a non-profit organization (501(c)6) representing all segments of the knife industry and all knife users. Formed in true grassroots fashion by concerned industry leaders after considerable discussion with individual knifemakers, knife magazine publishers, and a broad section of the knife community, AKTI has been the reasonable and responsible voice of the knife community since 1998. AKTI’s mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools. To learn more, please visit www.akti.org.

Lanham Act Violations

Microtech Knives and Marfione Custom Knives are committed to protecting both their customers and their brands. In late December of 2015, it came to our attention that a former employee, Tim Flynn, is selling Microtech and Marfione Custom knives built with parts claimed to have been acquired “from 6 years of Microtech dumpster diving” and other dubious sources.


Our customers must be able to rely on the Microtech and Marfione Customs brands. We do our utmost to build extremely high quality knives and we will similarly do our utmost to prevent people from being duped by counterfeits and knives of questionable origin or quality.


The primary reason that we personally produce 98% of every component of Microtech and Marfione Customs knives is to ensure quality, workmanship, fit and function.


Microtech and Marfione Customs filed a civil action on January 12, 2016 in the Federal Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against Flynn for violations of the Lanham Act as well as for breach of a signed agreement.


We are not seeking monetary damages. The objective of the lawsuit is to stop the sale of non-genuine Microtech and Marfione Customs knives by Flynn and to prevent any further use of components or parts he removed from our facility in Bradford, PA.


It has always been our written policy that “All scrap material and parts remain the property of the Company”. All employees must acknowledge their reading of the work policies and regulations upon their hiring.


It has also been our policy and practice not to simply discard parts, much less complete knives. Whatever waste parts that occur are de-milled and rendered un-useable. Scrap metal is sold to a recycling service.


In recent months, Microtech has devoted considerable effort to customer service issues. We can confidently and emphatically state that knives returned to us for servicing will be quickly addressed and serviced with the correct parts by our experienced staff and promptly returned.

Most Popular Microtech of 2015

122-1: Ultratech DE Black Standard


The results are in, and once again the Ultratech ® is our most popular knife in 2015. The Ultratech® is available in a wide array of colors with several different blade styles, but it was our double-edged model with a black handle and standard black blade (SKU 122-1) which outsold all other varations. By now, we think it’s safe to call the Ultratech® a classic. But what really sets this knife apart from others?


Ultratech® carrier/avid fisherman Rick from Tennessee writes, “The construction of the Microtech is outstanding, the feel and security is superb, the automatic mechanism pops with authority and the lifetime warranty is fantastic. I asked where Microtech knives are made and when I was told North Carolina that sealed the deal.”


Here at Microtech, we pour our heart and soul in to each and every knife we build. Not only is our Ultratech® handmade, it is personally assembled by one of our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. No detail goes unnoticed. We examine everything when we’re putting together an Ultratech® , even the type of sound it makes upon deployment.


Some even consider the Ultratech® a collector’s item, given its uncommon quality, and we are honored to know this. Nevertheless, our knives are meant to be used. We manufacture the Ultratech® with people like Rick in mind. When Rick is out battling the elements and catching fish, his Ultratech® will expertly handle any snag or tangle with the utmost speed and safety.


Unlike other classics, though, the Ultratech® isn’t frozen in time. Even after years of successful engineering, we still find ways to update and improve upon previous models. Some of these enhancements are easy to identify. The new tri-grip handle pattern, for instance, allows for an even lighter feel and steadier grasp. Other updates we make, however, might amount to only the smallest modification to an internal component. Regardless, all the work and planning that go in to an Ultratech® eventually add up to a knife that simply feels right. It’s difficult to fully appreciate the Ultratech®’s craftsmanship though, until you’ve physically held one in your hand. Only after you’ve fired an Ultratech®, felt the strong, precise “SNAP” as the blade deploys and then surveyed the knife’s perfect balance can you begin to understand why it continues to top the charts as our most popular knife.