Anthony Marfione Joins AKTI Board of Regents

Microtech Knives is honored by the recent invitation to sit as a Regent on the AKTI Board. AKTI is a proactive, credible, and approachable organization supported by a group of rational, well-motivated individuals. AKTI’s mission strongly aligns with Microtech’s desire to further the advancement of an industry that has given so much to the company over the years. Together, with AKTI, Microtech is driven to support and strengthen the knife community, as well as build a future for the next generation of makers and consumers.

AKTI understands that the knife industry is a multi-faceted, all-encompassing market that includes a community of consumers, collectors, purveyors, manufacturers, and legislators, all with slightly different perspectives. Despite varying perceptions, knives are a fundamental tool, and should be promoted as such to reduce unfair stigma. As a leading domestic manufacturer of knives, including automatics, Microtech fully supports this concept, as well as the notion that production stimulates the economy.

The team at Microtech is guided by a mission to deliver quality products and remain innovative. We look forward to working AKTI to promote an unhindered future and thriving community. Our aim is to offer a vital contribution to the success of the organization and its mission.


Microtech, a proud member of AKTI