To consumers and members of the knife community:

MICROTECH knives are proudly U.S. made with the finest available materials. Almost all the components are machined from quality materials at our facility in Bradford, PA. Those components are transferred to Asheville, NC where MICROTECH knives are then skillfully hand-assembled and finished.

Each part of a MICROTECH knife is specially engineered and produced for the specific purpose it serves. We carefully craft our own springs, screws, and other small parts. This enables MICROTECH to maintain extremely close tolerances, and an unprecedented level of quality.

The result of our efforts is extraordinary quality as well as dependable knives, which are instantly recognizable. MICROTECH knives are, accordingly, highly desired by persons who value the best available knife. This incentivizes counterfeiters. It is the same reason why sought-after items like Rolex watches and designer handbags are widely counterfeited.

Unfortunately, persons exist who are willing to perpetrate a fraud by using the MICROTECH name along with our other registered Trademarks. Invariably, they offer knives made with inferior materials and low-quality parts. The fit and finish of these knives is sloppy and lacking quality. The components are not purposed for integrated function. The blade does not have, and will not hold, a keen and serviceable cutting edge. The knife will quickly fail. The counterfeiter has no reason to build a serviceable — much less a high-quality — knife. The counterfeiter’s name is not on the knife and he is going to disavow the knife when it fails. The goal of the counterfeiter is superficial imitation that will merely deceive a purchaser.

Many sources, especially internet-based, offer MICROTECH “clones”. Do not be misled. It is a misuse of the word “clone” in an attempt to soften the fraud. In this context, clone is a euphemism for counterfeit. Again, no quality, no performance.

Microtech Knives, Inc. has not licensed any entity to use its trademarks, designs, or other intellectual property. Those involved in the importation and commerce, of counterfeit knives, are violating the law enacted to protect you, the consumer, and MICROTECH.

We suggest a modicum of due diligence before you buy a Microtech knife. Hopefully, you are on this website before you exchanged good money for an unworthy knife. Examine the MICROTECH website and catalog. Determine whether you are dealing with a reputable seller, or an imposter.

Be very skeptical of knives sold:

  • On such sites as;;
  • At flea markets, swap meets, and other such casual situations
  • By street vendors – – in the US and abroad
  • By “online stores” that have no identity beyond a web address
  • At prices which are a small fraction of the MICROTECH MSRP
  • Under circumstances too good to be true



To counterfeiters and those who engage in the commerce of counterfeit MICROTECH products:

Microtech Knives, Inc. is committed to fighting counterfeiters and those who seek to mislead as to source, quality, approval, and other aspects. We will find you. We will bring the law to bear upon you. Litigation will be vigorously pursued.